Christopher P. Green

Christopher P. Green, Riparo, 2021


Christopher P. Green (b. 1983, London) currently lives and works in Cornwall. His practice consists primarily of paintings, installations and books. Green attended Arts Institute, Bournemouth (UK) and the Southampton Institute (UK). He is the Founder of the Library of Independent Exchange (2011 – present).

Green’s paintings are often conceived in groups or series; they influence each other and develop similar colours, forms, and content. In this context, the motifs are repeated and reinterpreted in a cyclical process of experimentation and production. Conversely, this methodology clashes with the spontaneity of Green’s paintings. The only elements that he defines beforehand are the format and the number of works within a series. He is in many ways a ‘painter’s painter’, whose abstract language is subtle and witty at the same time. The way he uses colour to challenge our ideas about optics and perspective. 

Recent exhibitions of his work include PATERSON ZEVI, London (2022); Auction House, Redruth (2022); ALMA ZEVI, London (2021); Parasol Unit, London (2020); Galeria Alegria, Madrid (2020); GRON, Wales (2020); Espacio Vista, Madrid (2019); Unit 3, London, (2019); ALMA ZEVI, Venice (2018); Wolfson College, Oxford (2017); 41/42, London (2017); Dynamite Projects, Surrey (2016); Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2016). Green’s most recent book Professional Salad Vol. 1 was published in 2018. Green completed a residency at ALMA ZEVI Celerina, Switzerland in December 2019. He is currently on view at PATERSON ZEVI, London. 

Christopher P. Green, Happy pink years #1, 2021
Christopher P. Green, Happy purple years #1, 2021
Christopher P. Green, BT&A (Orange #2) - Keep movinon, 2021
Christopher P. Green, BT&A (Pink #3) - CPG in Venice, 2021
Christopher P. Green, BT&A (Blue #4) - Way out West, 2021
Christopher P. Green, BT&A (Purple #3) - In ‘n’ up the hills o’er Gulval, 2021
Christopher P. Green, Six together stack, 2019
Christopher P. Green, One climbing, 2019
Christopher P. Green, Between together and afar (Yellow #1), 2009
Christopher P. Green, Between Together and Afar (Green #9) - She smells; other people's smells..., 2010
Christopher P. Green, Strange? Not strange at all, 2017
Christopher P. Green, Served the main course into a suite, 2017
Christopher P. Green, Mosca Volante (Cornwall), 2018