Rade Petrasevic

Rade Petrasevic, PLEASE DON'T ASK, 2019


Rade Petrasevic (b. 1982) is a Bosnian-Austrian painter who lives and works in Vienna. Petrasevic’s paintings use a distinctive and vibrant palette, which is intensified by his use of flat, expressive brushstrokes that handle the oil paint as if it were a marker pen. This lends a highly contemporary feel to the work and all-over composition that is imbued with starting dynamism – referencing painters such as Philip Guston and David Hockney without becoming a pastiche.

Rade Petrasevic has recently created a large-scale mural that covers the full length of the front glass facade of Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Vienna (2021). Selected solo and group show of Petrasevic’s work include ALBA Gallery, Vienna (2022), Christine König Galerie, Vienna (2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019); ALMA ZEVI London (2021) and Venice (2020 and 2018); ALMA ZEVI Celerina, Switzerland (2019); Friedman Benda in New York (2019); Salon, Hamburg (2019); Charim Galerie, Vienna (2018); Buro Weltausstellung, Vienna (2018); Everybody Needs Art, Budapest (2017); Limoncello Gallery, London (2016); Circle Culture in Berlin (2015); The Breeder, Athens (2015); and the Breeder at Frieze London (2015). Petrasevic will be in residency in Castello di San Basilio, Matera, Italy, in 2022.

Rade Petrasevic, NO!, 2021
Rade Petrasevic, SAY MY NAME, 2021
Rade Petrasevic, ARE U AT HOME, 2019
Rade Petrasevic, EAT PRAY HATE, 2019
Rade Petrasevic, PLEASE STAY, 2020
Rade Petrasevic, PARTY HARD, 2019
Rade Petrasevic, REALITY CHECK, 2019
Rade Petrasevic, ABOUT LAST NIGHT, 2016